Thursday, March 27, 2014

More Mail Successes

Over the past few months, I've gotten a ton of through the mail autographs. Before I go into what I received, here is a video on how to get a through the mail autograph. I thought about doing one of these videos myself, but this video gives great detail and tells you step by step how to get a through the mail autograph. One difference is that I use StarTiger for my addresses. It charges an annual fee, but it is worth every penny. I hope you enjoy it and get some useful tips from it.

Now, onto what I have gotten.

Current Florida Panthers assistant coach and overall great person Brian Skrudland signed my card and 4x6 photo and added an awesome personalization.

Former New York Rangers goalie Dan Blackburn signed all three of my cards. I sent him the cards a few years ago and got a return to sender, but this time I got a success. Blackburn is most famous for playing with two blockers for most of his career.

Current Bruins defenseman and Stanley Cup Champion Adam McQuaid signed and personalized my card, as well as a ticket from an old Bruins/Islanders game. I didn't even attend that game, the Islanders were pretty much handing out tickets back then, and I got a couple even though I couldn't go.

Switching to baseball, former All-Star Ben Oglivie signed all three of my cards.

Another former baseball player, Walt Terrell, signed all five of my cards, including a personalization on one of them. He is most notable for hitting two home runs off of future Hall of Famer Fergie Jenkins in the same game. Terrell finished his 10 year MLB career with a 111-124 record. 

Another former pitcher, Chris Codiroli, signed both of my cards.
He started 37 games for the Oakland A's in 1985.

Another man who started 37 games in 1985 was Mike Smithson. Like Codiroli, he signed both of my cards.

That's all for this entry. I should be graphing an Albnay Devils game this weekend. I hope the video helped. Best of luck graphing!