Sunday, October 19, 2014

Celebrities on Campus: Dave Coulier

If you don't know already, I'm a SUNY Albany student. At SUNY Albany, well-known celebrities rarely come to campus. So therefore, on-campus autographs are hard to come by. Last year, well known Broadway actress Carolee Carmello came to campus, and I got her autograph. You can read about that HERE. However, a recent opportunity arose, and I took full advantage of it.

As a child growing up, I watched Full House reruns on ABC Family on Nick at Nite all the time. My family even has multiple seasons of it on DVD. So when I found out that Dave Coulier (aka Joey Gladstone) was going to be doing stand-up comedy on campus, I was thrilled.

Coulier's comedy event was scheduled for right after the annual homecoming football game, which was a perfect time for me. A half hour before the event was scheduled to start, I made sure to grab an aisle seat in the middle of the ballroom where the event was going to take place. Here are a couple good pictures I took of Coulier during his event.

In the photo on the right, Coulier had called a student on stage to take a video for Twitter. Here is the result. 

If only it wasn't sideways. Oh well. The show itself was hilarious. Coulier made many Full House references, talked about Bob Saget and John Stamos. He also made a whole bunch of sports jokes, including some about A-Rod. The show was as funny as I hoped it would be and was probably one of the highlights of my school year so far.

I had heard there was going to be a meet and greet after the show, but that turned out to be just a rumor. However, since the event took place right in the middle of campus, I had a guess as to where Coulier would be going. After the show ended, Coulier took photos with some of the programming people who organized the event.

Since I am familiar with my college's campus, I had a good idea as to where he would be leaving. So, I grabbed a seat within eye sight of the stairs leading to the exit door. After many nervous minutes waiting by the door, I heard a noise at the top of the step. A few seconds later, Coulier and a couple of the programming people walked down the stairs.

Upon seeing me, one of the programming people jokingly said, "Oh, there's only one stalker tonight." While I thought Coulier might just walk past me, he laughed at her joke and came over to me.

"Look at you coming prepared with the Full House pictures," Coulier said as I handed him my sharpie and thanked him for the hilarious show. He beautifully signed the two photos I had printed out. When he signed one of him and Mr. Woodchuck, hemarked that he is doing a new bit with Mr. Woodchuck coming out online. HERE is the new bit, it's funny. Below are the pictures Coulier signed for me.

After signing for me, I handed my new iPhone 6 to the programming woman and took a picture with Coulier. My eyes are slightly closed, but that's ok.

After taking the picture, I shook his hand, then took a picture of him and someone else who happened to be in the room. Shortly after that, he left, continuing his tour across the country.

Hopefully UAlbany can get some other good celebrities to come to campus. I enjoy getting a not sports autograph when I get the chance. That's all I have for this entry. Thanks for reading and good luck graphing.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Mid-Season Mail Successes

Now that the Mets season is over, I am at that awkward point in between seasons where the MLB is in the postseason, NFL is in week five, and the NHL and NBA haven't started yet. Since there have been few opportunities to get autographs in-person, I figured I'd share some of my most recent mail successes.

Current Kansas City Royals pitcher and former Oriole Jeremy Guthrie signed two cards for me, including one personalized. I mailed these to the stadium in Kansas City and got them back in about a month.

Former New York Yankee and journeyman pitcher Bob Shirley signed four card for me and personalized one of them. 

Remember Mike Cameron? He played for eight different teams over a 16 year MLB career. He is known for his Gold Glove winning defense, thanks to plays like this and this. He signed five cards for me.

Speaking of people named Mike, Mike Stanton (the pitcher) signed three cards for me in the mail. Not to be confused with Giancarlo (Mike) Stanton. Stanton pitched for both New York teams, and he was also named in the Mitchell Report, although he denies using any banned substance. 

Bruce Berenyi, a member of the 1986 New York Mets, signed a card and personalized an index card for me. I sent a few cards, but he only signed one of them. 

Brian Schneider is now the manager of a Single-A team in Jupiter, Florida. He was previsouly a catcher for the Mets and Nationals, among other teams. I sent three cards to his new team, and he signed all three of them in about two weeks. 

The 1990 World Series ended when Todd Benzinger caught a foul pop-up, giving the Reds the championship. He signed two cards from the 1989 Upper Deck series for me. 
17 year MLB veteran Rick Cerone signed one card for me. I senate a few, but he only got the one. He is notorious for only doing one item per person. 
Former Yankees and Phillies starter Charles Hudson signed three cards for me. 

So did Greg Brock
Phillies broadcaster and former pitcher Larry Andersen also signed three, personalizing one. I sent five cards, but I guess he kept the other two. 
At a Mets game last season, I took a picture with Mets third base coach Tim Teufel. I mailed him a copy of the photo and a couple cards. He signed them all and sent them back to me. Very happy to get this one back. 

To close out this entry, I'll switch sports, and genders. In all of NHL history, only one female has played in a pre-season game. That female is Manon Rheaume. She played goalie for the Tampa Bay Lightning in a preseason game in 1992. She signed a photo for me.