Sunday, June 16, 2013

Autograph Adventures: David Tyree

This story goes back to last week, June 8. I went to a local Sports Authority to look for a new pair of sneakers. After buying a pair that I liked,  I noticed a sign on the way out that caught my attention. I later called the Sports Authority to confirm the date and time, and they even told me that it was a free signing. If you don't remember David Tyree, click HERE and watch a video that should jog your memory. That helmet catch would prove to be the last one Tyree ever made in the NFL. He later played for the Baltimore Ravens, appearing on mostly special teams. Tyree's career ended after he signed a one day contract with the Giants to retire with the team that he won a Super Bowl with.

Now, fast forward to the day of the signing. As you can see on the flyer, the signing was scheduled to start at 1pm. I arrived around noon to be about sixth in line. On the right, you can see what it looked like at the front of the line. I had brought a 5x7 photo with me to get signed, and since I was with my father, there was one more autograph to be had. The Sports Authority had set up a rack of Giants mini-helmets and Giants footballs, but I ended up settling with a NFL Autograph Mini Football.

Then the waiting began. From what I've seen, athletes aren't usually to these signings. 1pm came and went. Then at around 1:15, a person from Sports Authority said Tyree would be there in 20 minutes. 20 minutes later, and there was still no sign of Tyree. Eventually it was 2pm, and people in line were starting to get restless. Finally, at long last, David Tyree came in the store around 2:20 pm. With his son sitting on his lap, he started signing away for everyone. I approached him about five minutes into the signing. He had black and silver sharpies on the table, so I brought my own blue sharpie, as black tends to fade quicker than blue. I gave him the ball first, and asked him to inscribe it with the year that he won the Super Bowl, and he signed it perfectly. I asked to take a photo with him when he finished signing my photo, and the result was the photo you can see on the top part of this paragraph. His eyes are closed, but I guess that makes it more worthwhile, as it is a hilarious experience. Before leaving, I took a video of him signing which you can see below.

Here are photos of the two autographs I got from David Tyree.

That's all for this autograph adventure. Thanks for reading. Happy Fathers Day! Good luck graphing!

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