Friday, January 23, 2015

Islanders Hall of Famers 1/16/15

The weeks at home flew by so quickly, but now I'm back in Albany getting ready for another semester. However, I had one last chance to get autographs while I was home, and I capitalized on it.

The Islanders played the Penguins last week in one of he last games before the NHL All-Star break. On this day, the Islanders were honoring Hall of Famer Bryan Trottier. I had met fellow Hall of Famer Denis Potvin when he was honored earlier in the season. Now, I tried to meet Trottier before he was honored.

After getting to the MSG TV studio in Nassau Coliseum's lower lobby, I tried to squeeze my way into a decent position. This was my view as I waited for Trottier to show up for his interview with Shannon Hogan.

While waiting, one of the producers informed everyone that another Hall of Famer, Mike Bossy, would be on the broadcast also. That made the excitement build even more. Eventually, a murmur grew in the crowd which only meant one thing, the Hall of Famers were coming. 
Trottier and Bossy showed up at the same time, and Trottier immediately started signing while Bossy got some directions from a MSG producer. Eventually, Trottier hit a rut while signing. By a rut, I mean he ran into a bunch of people who didn't have pens. (Tip: If you are trying to get autographs, bring sharpies. That is very simple, but it's amazing how many times people don't have sharpies. Bring more than one in case you lose one or one dries up.) Since I saw he was stopped, I held up my sharpie and called Bryan over. He came right to me and signed a card and a photo I took with him many years ago. 

I told Trottier that he could keep my sharpie for a few minutes, and he did. When he came back toward me, he signed a puck for me as well. The puck was a special puck commemorating the Islanders Stanley Cup Championship in 1980. Eventually, Bossy started signing as well, and I got him to sign the puck as well. Thankfully someone else had a blue sharpie to make my life easier. After signing for 5-10 minutes, Bossy and Trottier got on set and did the interview with Shannon Hogan. 

After the Islanders won the game, I went home to see if I had made it on TV during the MSG+ pre game show. Thankfully I had put the pre game show on DVR, and when I turned on the DVR, I was delighted to see this. (That's me in the blue beanie in the middle.) 

Here are the autographs I got from Trottier and Bossy. That should do it for this entry. Thanks and good luck graphing! 

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