Monday, June 8, 2015

Tim Howard Book Signing 6/3/15

I'm back home for the summer, and this one should be a great one. I had not gotten an autograph in person in over a month, so I figured I'd look for a good opportunity to get an autograph.

Online, I saw that one of the world's best soccer goalkeepers, Tim Howard, was doing a book signing at a Barnes & Noble in New York City. I had some free time, so I figured I'd go and see what I could do. You probably remember Howard from his record setting performance at last year's World Cup in Brazil. Since that performance, he has gained the nickname of the 'Secretary of Defense.'

After an LIRR ride into the city and a subway ride to 53rd and Lexington, I was standing outside the Barnes & Noble at Citigroup Center. I was a couple hours early to the signing as I wanted to make sure I got a spot in line.

I told the woman at the door I was there for the Tim Howard book signing and she told me to head to the cashier to purchase books. I saw online that no outside items were allowed at the signing, so I pretty much had to buy a copy of Howard's new book, The Keeper.

There were three versions available; a hardcover, a soft cover, and a young readers' version. After asking the woman behind the counter how many books Howard would sign per person, I decided to buy two. The woman told me he would sign all the books I bought. I got the hardcover and the softcover.

Then, I got a snack in the cafe and headed toward the upstairs part of the store where the signing would take place. I had about two hours to kill and two fresh books in my bag, so I figured I'd read one. Until the signing started, I got about 80 pages into Howard's book, which I have enjoyed so far.

I was about seventh in line for thee public signing. But before the signing, he would be doing a program for local school kids who took a field trip to meet Howard. After a couple hours of waiting and reading, Howard emerged to cheers from the line that formed.

During the program, Howard met each kid and handed them all signed books. After taking a group photo with all the kids, the public signing began.

I was told no posed photography would be allowed during the signing. So I made a deal with the person behind me in line that we would take photos of each other with Howard and send them to each other later.

After the kid in front of me managed to get his goalie glove signed by Howard, the Barnes & Noble employees ushered me to the table. I handed my two books to one of the employees, and shook Howard's hand after approaching the table.

While he signed my two books, I asked him about potentially playing in the US in the future. He said he wouldn't mind it, then I thanked him for coming out and took some photos of the person behind me meeting her idol. Here are a couple of photos that person took of me meeting Howard. I was politely told to get out of the way, so I went back downstairs and texted a couple of my friends that I just met Tim Howard.

                 Here are the two books Howard signed for me: 

Overall, the signing was very well run. I enjoyed myself and got to meet a world class athlete. I don't usually pay for autographs, but I made an exception for this one. The book is a great one, and I'd recommend it. Hopefully, I will get back to that Barnes & Noble for a signing later this summer.

That's it for this entry. Thanks for reading!

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