Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Albany Devils Autograph Signing 1/26/14

For the past month, I have been relaxing and enjoying my winter vacation at home. Now, I'm back in Albany for the spring semester of college.

The Albany Devils held their first post game autograph signing of the season after their game this past Sunday against the Binghamton Senators. After the Senators thumped the Devils 6-3, it was time for the signing to begin.

On the program that was being given to all fans, a list of all of the players and where they would be was provided. About a half hour after the game ended, the players emerged onto the Times Union Center concourse to begin the signing.

The first table I went to featured team captain Rod Pelley, notorious fighter Cam Janssen, and Dan Kelly, who scored a goal in the game. All three signed my team photo. Pelley signed two 4x6 photos as well. Pelley had never seen a gold sharpie before, and he was pretty surprised that it actually worked over the black background.

Remember in October when I got Arron Asham and Micheal Haley to sign photos of them fighting with Janssen? Three months later, Janssen signed both photos and also signed a card I found of him. When he saw the picture of the Haley fight, he said, "That's a horrible picture." I didn't have a good response to that, so I thanked him and went to the next table.
Later in the day, I went back to the table and took a picture with Janssen for the second time. Like the first time, it didn't come out like I hoped it would. Too blurry and I'm not smiling. I guess the third time is the charm for photos with Cam Janssen. The people standing behind me in the line were saying how they were going to ask Janssen if he could make out with them. I have no idea what actually happened, but I'll assume he said no.
After Janssen, the trio of Keith Kinkaid, Chris McKelvie, and Mike Sislo were waiting for me at the next table. I've had Kinkaid sign a whole bunch of stuff already this season, so I didn't need anything from him besides my team photo. McKelvie also signed my team photo. Mike Sislo got called up to the NHL and played in seven games for New Jersey during the winter break. I had a 4x6 of him, and he was happy to sign it. He also said that he liked New Jersey when I asked him about his time in the NHL.  I later came back and took a group picture with the three of them. 
The fun continued a short walk around the concourse later when I arrived to see Artem Demkov, Tim Sestito, Scott Timmins, and David Wohlberg at a table signing away. Here is a short video that I took.

The four players signed my team photo, and Timmins signed a 4x6 photo from his Florida Panthers days.

The next table I approached had the foursome of Raman Hrabarenka, Brandon Burlon, Reece Scarlett and recently sent down Reid Boucher. Scarlett, Burlon and Hrabarenka all haven't seen NHL action yet, but Reid Boucher had. He scored his first NHL goal on December 18, 2013 and I had a two 4x6 photos of him from his NHL action. One of my photos was of Boucher holding the puck from his first NHL goal. After some confusion over what number to put with his signature, he signed both of my pictures and wrote the First Goal inscription like I wanted. All four players signed my team photo.

Just a few feet away sat the trio of goalie Scott Wedgewood, Corbin McPherson, and Stefan Matteau. (The son of this Matteau.) Matteau was a healthy scratch for the game, but he was there for the signing. After Wedgewood signed my team photo in black, I went up to Matteau. Before I could say anything he signed the team photo in silver, which he was using for almost everything. He also signed the two 4x6 photos I had in silver, and they don't look that bad. McPherson also signed the team photo and said that he liked the photo. Someone asked Matteau to film a video for his son in French, and Matteau was happy to do it.

The next table had Joe Whitney, Alexander Urbom, Mattias Tedenby, and Seth Helgeson. Whitney had just played in his NHL debut two days earlier, but was already sent back down to Albany before the Devils' outdoor game at Yankee Stadium. Urbom signed my team photo and a picture of him from when he played with the Capitals earlier this season. Tedenby signed a 4x6 photo. I would put his signature in the 'worst autograph ever' category, but that is another story. Helgeson signed my team photo, asked me where I got it. When I told him I found it on google, that satisfied him and I walked away.

The last table I went to had Harri Pesonen, Kelly Zajac, Mike Hoeffel, and Adam Larsson. Larsson scored earlier in the game on a blast from the faceoff circle. The photo on the right is one that I took of Larsson blasting the puck into the net. All four guys signed my team photo then Larsson signed a 4x6 photo.

I took one last picture with Tim Sestito on the way out, then I was on my way into the cold Albany night.

Here is my team signed photo. All the Devils doing the signing signed it.  That's all I have for this entry! Thanks for reading!

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