Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Bridgeport Sound Tigers 1/31/14

Last Friday, I went to see the Bridgeport Sound Tigers in Albany for the third time. Remember the first and second time I saw them? Those were fun. This time, during the game, I was involved in a little bit of controversy. If you want to read about it on my other blog, click HERE. I didn't get too much on this night, but I got enough.

After the game, I went to my spot outside the Times Union Center to see what autographs I could get.
With about six other people waiting also, I knew there wouldn't be many players walking by that we would miss.

One of the first guys out was Pierre-Marc Bouchard. He was sent down in December after struggling with the Islanders. After taking a picture with one of the Sound Tigers fanatics, he walked over to me. He signed my two cards, and then took my sharpie to sign one card each for the rest of people that had cards. I can't explain why I got two, but I'll take it because I don't get cards too often.

I was hoping to see Aaron Ness, I had some cool photos of him, but I'm pretty sure he snuck out behind me when Bouchard was signing for me. The next person out that I wanted to see was Anders Lee, and he signed a photo I had of him from his first NHL goal. 

Shortly after, the now-injured Ryan Strome walked out, with his injured hand in his shirt pocket. Thankfully for the autograph seekers there, he injured his non-writing hand. I had two pictures from when Strome scored his first NHL goal, a game I attended. He didn't say anything about his hand, and he signed two photos for me, pretty sloppily, and signed for others before running onto the bus. Hopefully he will be fine soon. 

The last member of the Sound Tigers that I got on this night was goaltender Anders Nilsson. He signed a photo and his page in the Islanders yearbook before telling the fans he was the last player to come out. Once he got on the bus, it drove away, bound for Bridgeport.

That's all I have for this entry. Good luck graphing!

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