Friday, February 28, 2014

Recent Islanders Mail Successes

It's been a while since I posted about some mail successes that I've gotten. If you are wondering, I have a subscription to StarTiger, which has many addresses of celebrities, not just athletes. I've had it for a few years, and it is worth every penny. I've gotten a bunch of autographs in the mail since I last posted about it. A lot of them have came from former New York Islanders, so I am bunching all of those into one entry.

Starting off with some Islanders related people, I got 4 cards signed by a defenseman who played with both the Islanders and Rangers, Vladimar Malakhov. He also played for a few other teams, including the 1992 Unified Team that won the Gold Medal in Albertville.

The Architect, Bill Torrey signed an autograph card and a custom photo I printed out. He was President of the Florida Panthers for a few years, and is still living in Florida. He added his Hall of Fame inscription from when he was inducted in 1995.

Another person whose banner resides high over the Nassau Coliseum ice is Head Coach Al Arbour. He was the coach for all 4 Islanders Stanley Cup teams, and is one of the greatest coaches in hockey history. He even came back and coached the Isles to a win in his 1500th career game in 2007. (I was there, it was awesome.)  I mailed him an autograph card and two 4x6 photos, all of which he signed with his Hall of Fame inscription. He signed the autograph card on the back and added the date, which is something I haven't seen before.

 A more recent Islander and current Florida Panther, Brad Boyes signed some cards that I sent him. I mailed them to the Panthers arena, and they came back signed in less than a month.

A known fighter during his NHL career, Ken Baumgartner signed three cards in the mail for me. This one was a very quick success as well, taking about three weeks.

The last person for this entry is another recent Islander, Brian Rolston. I met him as well as all of the 2011-12 Islanders at an event a few years ago. I took a photo with him and Marty Reasoner, and after finding his address, I mailed it to him. He signed that photo, as well as another photo and a card.

 That's everything for this entry! Good luck graphing!

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