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Albany Devils Autograph Signing 3/30/14

I went to the Albany Devils game back on March 30. It was followed by the last post-game autograph signing of the season, and I wanted to finish as much of the Albany Devils stuff that I had.

Before the game, I went to the Albany Devils tunnel and got assistant coach Sergei Brylin to sign a card I recently found. Unfortunately, it got smudged when he passed it back to me, but it is still a good autograph from a Stanley Cup Champion.

During the game, I got a good video of Reid Boucher scoring a goal. Check it out below. That's me with the play by play.

The game was a good one, that went to a shootout. Unlike the New Jersey Devils who are 0-11 in shootouts, Albany is pretty decent in the shootout. Captain Rod Pelley scored the only goal, and Scott Wedgewood didn't allow a goal. The Albany Devils look like they are going to the playoffs, and they got the win on this day 3-2.

After the game, I got in line for the 45 minute signing. The first table I went to had Chris McKelvie, Keith Kinkaid, Kelly Zajac, and Mike Sislo. I took a picture with Kinkaid, Sislo, and McKelvie last time, and they all signed a 4x6 that I printed out of it. Kinkaid also signed the photo of him and Johan Hedberg that Hedberg signed in February.

The giveaway for this game was a very large Albany Devils poster, and I got everyone to sign that as well. The next table I went to had Reid Bocuher, David Wohlberg, Scott Timmins, and Corbin McPherson. They all signed my poster, and I got Wohlberg to sign the program I started getting signed in October. I got a few more people to sign the program throughout the afternoon. Here is a photo of Wohlberg signing a hat and Boucher signing a program with Timmins and McPherson in the background.

When I reached the table featuring Stefan Matteau, son of Stephan Matteau, I stopped for a minute to grab a puck out of my bag. Matteau is one of the Devils top prospects, and has the potential to be a regular in the NHL in the next year or two. He signed the puck with my gold sharpie, the poster, and his photo in the program, which you can see at the bottom of this entry. Unfortunately, I don't have a photo of Matteau signing, but the evidence is good enough.

I also got to a table that had winning goalie Scott Wedgewood, Reece Scarlett, Harri Pesonen, and a fourth player whom I can't remember right now. They all signed the poster after what seemed like a long wait. Of all the Devils autograph signings I've been to, this one was by far the most crowded.

Another table had shootout hero Rod Pelley, Cam Janssen, and another player who I can't remember. I wish I had the list of who was at what table, but I didn't get one for this day. I just walked in a circle and got everything signed. They signed my poster as well.

That's all the pictures I have from the signing. Here is the poster. You can see who signed it under the picture of the poster. The two hockey pucks are shown for scale. Everyone that was at the signing signed the poster.

Here's everyone that signed the poster. The number next to their name is the number that is on they jersey they are wearing, not the number they signed with. It's easier to identify them that way.
8-Mattias Tedenby 1-Keith Kinkaid 22-Cam Janssen 26-Mike Hoeffel 32-Alex Urbom
7-Brandon Burlon 23-Darcy Zajac 28-Dan Kelly 19-Mike Sislo 14-Reid Boucher
10-Rod Pelley 18-Stefan Matteau 33-Corbin McPherson 2-Seth Helgeson
17-Scott Timmins 29-Raman Hrabarenka 16-Chris McKelvie 11-Kelly Zajac
15-Harri Pesonen 34-Reece Scarlett 25-David Wohlberg 31-Scott Wedgewood

Lastly, here is my updated signed program. I got a bunch of people to sign it at the signing. The names are near the photos and signatures, so there isn't a need for another list.  Click on the photos to get a bigger look.

Overall, another well organized signing by the Devils. If you are in Albany, go to a game and try to get some autographs, you won't be disappointed. The AHL playoffs start in a few weeks, and some players currently on New Jersey should be sent down once the Devils are out of NHL playoff contention. That's all I have for now. Best of luck graphing and thanks for reading!

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