Sunday, July 13, 2014

Autograph Adventures: Eric Decker

If you have been following this blog for the last little while, than you may remember the David Tyree Autograph Signing I went to last year at a Sports Authority. This year, they and another signing at the same exact Sports Authority, as well as many others throughout the New York/New Jersey area. This year, the signing was for current Jets receiver and former Bronco, Eric Decker.

The signing was scheduled to begin at 1 p.m, and I arrived with my friend at about 11:45. Unlike last year when the line was pretty short, the line was very long this year, even an hour before the signing was going to start. We were probably 80-100 people deep in the line by the time the signing started. Decker arrived right on time and began singing as soon as he sat down. Wristbands were given out to indicate who would be getting an autograph. I'm pretty sure the first 200 people got wristbands, but I could be wrong.

After about a half hour of waiting, my friend and I approached Decker. My friend got his mini-helmet  signed. I handed Decker a photo of him in a Jets uniform that I printed out earlier in the day. He quickly signed it in black sharpie and handed it back to me. I handed my camera to one of the Sports Authority people in hopes of taking a picture with Decker, but all I got is what you can see on the left. I shook Decker's hand, and then was forced out.

The signing itself was almost too organized. There were about a dozen employees within 10 feet of Decker, and there were strict rules. The most interesting of which was that you can't take a selfie with the athlete. I don't get the motivation for that, but it is what it is. Here is the photo I got Decker to sign. I'll be at another signing later this week, it should be fun.  Thanks for reading!

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